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Welcome to Your Life in Full Color

You’ve just found a golden ticket off the “struggle bus” to choosing great finishes and paint colors for your home or business.

Quit agonizing and start enjoying perfectly coordinated spaces created just for you and your family.

Get my list of essentials for choosing perfect paint colors.

Never again will you utter the words, “It’s just a paint color”.

That notion will be removed from your psyche whether you choose to select your own perfect paint colors with my checklist or work with me privately.

Why? Because you’ll quickly learn that it simply isn’t true. And, because I aim to make the World a more beautiful place, one important paint color selection at a time…

Color Trends: What’s In, Out, & Here To Stay

Color Trends: How They Affect You & I Color trends color our World. Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, a walk down the aisle of any trendy home decor boutique or big box store will envelope you with the latest trends in color. Why does this matter to you and I? As […]

Why The Best Value Paint Is Rarely The Least Expensive

Interior House Paints What is a “best value paint“? Is it a paint that covers well for its price? Maybe it’s an inexpensive paint that can handle the rigors of little people necessitating frequent wall cleaning? Or, is it the paint that applies most easily for the amount of money paid for per gallon? What […]

The Design Don’ts of Everybody Loves Raymond’s Mother

Everybody Loves Raymond’s Mother The Everybody Loves Raymond show holds a special place in my heart. It premiered in 1996, the same year my husband and I first became parents. I enjoyed all of the characters but, Everybody Loves Raymond’s mother, Marie was my hands down favorite. Whether it was her over the top “mothering”, […]