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Welcome to Your Life in Full Color

You’ve just found a golden ticket off the “struggle bus” to choosing great finishes and paint colors for your home or business.

Quit agonizing and start enjoying perfectly coordinated spaces created just for you and your family.

Get my list of essentials for choosing perfect paint colors.

Never again will you utter the words, “It’s just a paint color”.

That notion will be removed from your psyche whether you choose to select your own perfect paint colors with my checklist or work with me privately.

Why? Because you’ll quickly learn that it simply isn’t true. And, because I aim to make the World a more beautiful place, one important paint color selection at a time…

Your Whole House Color Palette; 5 Steps To Declutter & Nail It

A Cluttered House Color Palette What is a cluttered house color palette you ask? A cluttered house color palette is one that’s not clearly defined because of all the colorful “extras” found in the space. In fact, there’s a good chance you may be currently living with one. Take, for instance, the photo below. It […]

Paint Color Names & Descriptions; Please Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Paint Color Names That Hinder Rather Than Help Paint color names are oftentimes more confusing than they are helpful. Case in point, what color do you suppose Benjamin Moore’s Weekend Getaway 473 is? If you guessed a cheerful yellow or turquoise (who wouldn’t be cheerful getting away for a weekend?), you’d be wrong. Yet if […]